We believe that resisting the Trump agenda and promoting progressive policy starts at home.

California is the fifth largest economy in the world with a double Democratic supermajority in its state legislature. Unfortunately, California state legislators (Democrats included!) are often more responsive to special interest lobbies than the will of their own constituents. By empowering California constituents to make their voices heard in Sacramento, we aim to pass progressive policy in California to lay the groundwork for change that can spread to other states and eventually the whole country!

Our Work

The Indivisible Project‘s mission is to cultivate a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups to elect progressive leaders, realize bold progressive policies, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda. Nationally, the Indivisible movement represents over a million people.

Through its objectives, Indivisible is engaging millions of constituents, many of whom are new to political activism following the 2016 election. This civic engagement creates greater awareness of political issues and enhances smarter voting. By challenging the status quo and meeting with officials at all levels of government, Indivisibles are reshaping what is politically possible.

Indivisible CA: StateStrong is a coalition of independent Indivisible groups in California that focus on legislation in the California state legislature by weighing in on the legislative process to effect policy change. We use a variety of tactics including meeting regularly with our state legislators, submitting testimony and appearing for public comment during committee hearings, and strategically driving phone calls from constituents to legislators. StateStrong is comprised of over 60 grassroots Indivisible groups working together and representing over 40,000 Californians from across the state. There are over 300 Indivisible groups statewide and the StateStrong coalition grows to include more groups every day. At StateStrong, we coordinate our member Indivisible groups throughout the state to provide them with the knowledge and tools to effectively hold their state representatives accountable, especially those in districts with Republican majorities.

Our Wins

The Indivisible CA: StateStrong coalition notched some major victories in the 2018 legislative session:

  • Co-sponsored and helped pass AB 3131 (police demilitarization), which was unfortunately vetoed by Governor Brown. Indivisibles held over 30 in-district office visits, participated in three lobby days, submitted over 35 letters of support to committee, attended several committee hearings, and drove over 500 phone calls in support of this bill.
  • Helped pass SB 1421 (police misconduct record transparency). Indivisibles joined the ACLU lobby day, sent in committee support letters, and included this bill in the agenda for in-district office visits.
  • Helped pass SB 822 (net neutrality). Indivisibles drove hundreds of calls, participated in the massive grassroots response when the bill was initially gutted in committee, and participated in a lobby day in the final days of session to ensure this bills passage.
  • Helped defeat AB 84 (bad campaign finance bill that would have funneled more money into California politics). Indivisibles mobilized in a rapid response when this bill was introduced in the final month of session, sent in over 50 opposition letters to the committee, attended the Elections Committee hearing to oppose the bill, and participated in a lobby day against this bill.
  • Helped pass SB 100 (100% renewable energy by 2045). Indivisibles included this bill on the agenda for in-district office visits and included the bill in our final lobby day at the end of session. We still hope for future efforts to remove biomethane from the definition of renewables.
  • Helped defeat AB 813 (given away power over our electrical grid). Indivisibles held a lobby day in opposition to this bill.

Our Issue Areas

With grassroots members across the state with a variety of interests that work together to be Indivisible, we are by definition a multi-issue coalition. Our priorities in any given legislative year are informed by the prioritization criteria laid out in Indivisible States and ultimately decided by a democratic vote of our member groups.

We may work on any of the following issues in a given year:

  • Democracy reform
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Immigration
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Economic justice
  • Police reform
  • Education
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Privacy and civil rights
  • Racial justice
  • Women’s and reproductive rights
  • Gun violence prevention

Who We Are

Indivisible CA: StateStrong is a coalition of grassroots Indivisible groups across the state using their constituent power to influence the state legislature to advance progressive policy.

The following Indivisible groups are part of our coalition:

  • All Rise Alameda
  • Los Angeles Indivisible
  • Building the Base Face to Face
  • Cloverdale Indivisible
  • Contra Costa MoveOn
  • Defending Our Future: Indivisible in CA 52nd District
  • El Cerrito Progressives
  • Feminists in Action Los Angeles (Indivisble CA 34 Womens)
  • Hillcrest Indivisible
  • Indi Squared
  • Indivisible 30/Keep Sherman Accountable
  • Indivisible 36
  • Indivisible 41
  • Indivisible Auburn CA
  • Indivisible Beach Cities
  • Indivisible CA-3
  • Indivisible CA-25 Simi Valley-Porter Ranch
  • Indivisible CA-33
  • Indivisible CA-37
  • Indivisible CA-39
  • Indivisible CA-43
  • Indivisible CA29
  • Indivisible East Bay
  • Indivisible Marin
  • Indivisible Media City Burbank
  • Indivisible North Oakland Resistance
  • Indivisible North San Diego County
  • Indivisible OC 46
  • Indivisible OC 48
  • Indivisible Petaluma
  • Indivisible Sacramento
  • Indivisible San Bernardino
  • Indivisible San Jose
  • Indivisible Santa Barbara
  • Indivisible Sausalito
  • Indivisible Sebastopol
  • Indivisible SF
  • Indivisible SF Peninsula and CA-14
  • Indivisible Sonoma County
  • Indivisible South Bay LA
  • Indivisible Stanislaus
  • Indivisible Ventura
  • Indivisible Windsor
  • Indivisible Yolo
  • Indivisible: San Diego Central
  • Indivisibles of Sherman Oaks
  • Livermore Indivisible
  • Indivisible Lorin
  • Mill Valley Community Action Network
  • Mountain Progressives
  • Nothing Rhymes with Orange
  • Orchard City Indivisible
  • Orinda Progressive Action Alliance
  • Our Revolution Long Beach
  • RiseUp
  • Santa Cruz Indivisible
  • SFV Indivisible
  • Tehama Indivisible
  • The Resistance Northridge
  • The Resistance Sacramento/Elk Grove
  • Together We Will Contra Costa
  • TWW/Indivisible – Los Gatos
  • Vallejo-Benicia Indivisible
  • Venice Resistance
  • Women’s Alliance Los Angeles