Are your state legislators voting with Courage?

The 2019 Courage Score has launched — a one-of-a-kind legislative score card that tells the people of California how well their state legislators are representing their interests.

Indivisible CA: StateStrong is proud to partner with Courage Campaign and ACCE on the 2019 Courage Score!

The goal of Courage Score is to shine a light on which legislators are standing up for their constituents over corporate lobbyists that exploit Californians, particularly the poor, disadvantaged, and communities of color. With a newly elected Democratic, veto-proof supermajority in the Legislature and a Governor who ran on a bold, progressive agenda, we must lead the nation forward and show that progressive policies work for all of us. We’ll never address the challenges Californians face — including skyrocketing housing costs, a health care system that puts profits over patients, gross overspending in our broken mass incarceration system, and a deeply underfunded education system — unless elected officials are truly held accountable to the people in the nation’s most progressive state.

With California’s two-party primary system, corporations are spending millions to get their way in Democrat vs. Democrat races. And when Corporate Democrats get elected with the help of Big Oil, real estate, and corporate charter school money, they block progress in California. This is where the Courage Score “Hall of Shame” comes in to feature the worst of the worst — the legislators who represent progressive districts, but are throwing their constituents under the bus by voting against vital legislation that supports clean air and water, economic opportunity for all, racial justice, and more.

Put simply: elected officials should be held accountable to the needs of the people, not corporate lobbyists. When legislators represent their districts well, they’ll be celebrated. And when they fail to represent their districts, they’ll be called out on it.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your voices and your actions to truly hold our representatives to our progressive values.


Indivisible groups in California are planning a Courage week of action for the week of March 11-15 to hold our representatives accountable for their Courage Score and express our expectation that legislators vote in line with our 2019 legislative priorities!

Indivisibles, here is how to get involved with our week of action:

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