Submitting a Letter to a Legislative Committee From Your Group

The Assembly is using a new portal to streamline submission of support/opposition letters about bills to committees. To submit a letter on behalf of your Indivisible group you will need to:

  1. Create an account on the CA Legislature Advocates Portal
  2. Create a PDF of your support letter. The letter should include: your group’s logo in the letterhead, a reference to the bill number in the subject line, a signature at the bottom of the letter. Check out this resource for a template for a letter. We recommend reaching out to partner organizations for template letters about specific bills.
  3. Submit your letter using the online portal. If you are an Indivisible group, send a copy of your letter to so we can keep track of all the awesome work your groups are doing!

Check out our video below for a tutorial on how to create an account and submit a letter on the legislature advocates portal.

Tutorial for submitting letters to a committee from your group