Legislative Update – April 26, 2018

Here is a recap of what happened to our priority bills in the legislature this week! For our full list of priority bills, click here.

The deadline for fiscal bills to pass out of policy committee is tomorrow, April 27. These fiscal bills will head to Appropriations Committee next! Non-fiscal bills must pass out of policy committee by May 11.

Last Week’s Wins

Priority bills

AB3131 – Requires police and sheriffs to hold open public hearings and transparency reporting when acquiring military-grade equipment
Passed Assembly Public Safety Committee (5:2:0)
This was a huge victory for us since we are co-sponsoring this bill and have been working hard to get it through policy committees!

Congratulations to @AsmToddGloria and @DavidChiu on the passage of #AB3131 – Police demilitarization – through the Assembly Public Safety Committee (5:2:0). Now on the Assembly Appropriations Committee. pic.twitter.com/JGLcwIJGO2 — Indivisible CA: StateStrong (@CAStateStrong) April 24, 2018

SB822 – Net Neutrality: Prohibits internet service providers from blocking, throttling, and prioritizing paid tiers of traffic if they use state-provided funding or infrastructure, like utility poles
Passed Senate Judiciary Committee (5:2:0)

SB1186 – Requires law enforcement agencies to develop and publicise a proposed Surveillance Use Policy for the use of each type of surveillance technology
Passed Senate Judiciary Committee (4:2:1)

SB1346 – Bans bump stocks
Passed Senate Public Safety Committee (5:2:0)

Other bills we’re following

AB2828 – Expands list of people who can seek gun violence restraining order
Passed Assembly Public Safety Committee (4:0:3)

SB785 – Prevents immigration status being revealed in open court in civil cases unless so directed by the judge
Passed Assembly Judiciary Committee (10:0:0)

SB937 – Expands existing law providing access to private rooms for lactating mothers and protects mothers from retaliation for exercising their rights
Passed Senate Transportation and Housing Committee (8:1:4)

SB1045 – Conservatorship for Incapacitated Mentally Ill Homeless
Passed Senate Public Safety Committee (7:0:0)

SB1303 – Replaces county coroners and sheriff-coroners with independent, appointed medical examiners to ensure transparency and eliminate potential bias in the conduct of autopsies, especially in the case of officer-involved shootings
Passed Senate Public Safety Committee (5:2:0)

SB1399 – Encourages rooftop solar production on commercial properties by sharing credits with other electricity users
Passed Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee (8:0:3)

Upcoming Votes

This information is from http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/, which sometimes can be out of date. Check the committee web page for the full Hearing agenda.

Priority bills

AB2066 – Stone, Mark (D, AD 29) – Remove eligibility barriers to immigrants for California Earned Income Tax Credit
Hearing Date: 5/7/2018, Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee

SB1100 – Portantino, Anthony J. (D, SD 25) – Raises age to 21 for buying a gun and prohibits anyone from buying more than one gun per month
Hearing Date: 4/30/2018, Senate Appropriations Committee

SB834 – Jackson, Hannah-Beth (D, SD 19) – Prohibits the development of new oil pipelines and other infrastructure in coastal waters controlled by the California State Lands Commission
Hearing Date: 4/30/2018, Senate Appropriations Committee

Other bills we’re following

AB3022 – Gonzalez Fletcher, Lorena S. (D, AD 80) – Allows high school seniors that are deported before finishing to be eligible for diplomas
Hearing Date: 5/9/2018, Assembly Education Committee

SB820 – Leyva, Connie M. (D, SD 20) – Prohibits inclusion of non-disclosure clauses in civil agreements in cases of sexual assault, harassment or discrimination
Hearing Date: 5/1/2018, Senate Judiciary Committee

AB1950 – Levine, Marc (D, AD 10) – Bans operators of social media sites with a physical presence in California from selling of advertising with computer software account or user that performs an automated task, unless the operator verifies that it is controlled by a person
Hearing Date: 5/1/2018, Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee


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