Upcoming Hearings – 6/4/2018

Upcoming committee hearing dates

The following hearings are happening this month. If you care about these bills and your rep is on the committee, call your rep!

This information is from LegInfo, which sometimes can be out of date. Check the committee web page for the full hearing agenda.

Priority bills

AB 3 – Bonta, Rob (D, AD 18) – Raises age to 21 for buying a gun and prohibits anyone from buying more than one gun per month
Hearing Date: 6/12/2018, Senate Public Safety Committee

SB 320 – Leyva, Connie M. (D, SD 20) – Requires every student health center at public universities to offer abortion by medication
Hearing Date: 6/12/2018, Assembly Health Committee

Other bills we’re following

AB 2943 – Low, Evan (D, AD 28) – Defines sexual orientation change efforts as a fraudulent business practice
Hearing Date: 6/12/2018, Senate Judiciary Committee

AB 1584 – Gonzalez Fletcher, Lorena S. (D, AD 80) – Prohibits collection of cheek swabs of minors for DNA testing without prior consent (unless required by DNA Act)
Hearing Date: 6/12/2018, Senate Public Safety Committee

AB 2103 – Gloria, Todd (D, AD 78) – Requires live training to get a concealed carry permit
Hearing Date: 6/12/2018, Senate Public Safety Committee

AB 3022 – Gonzalez Fletcher, Lorena S. (D, AD 80) – Allows high school seniors who are deported before finishing to be eligible for diplomas
Hearing Date: 6/13/2018, Senate Education Committee

AB 2888 – Ting, Philip Y. (D, AD 19) – Expands list of people who can seek gun violence restraining order
Hearing Date: 6/19/2018, Senate Public Safety Committee

AB 748 – Ting, Philip Y. (D, AD 19) – Limits length of time law enforcement agencies can withhold video recording of a peace officer’s use of force to a maximum of 90 days
Hearing Date: 6/26/2018, Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 1393 – Mitchell, Holly J. (D, SD 30) – Provides judges discretion in imposing 5-year sentence enhancements for prior convictions
Hearing Date: 6/12/2018, Assembly Public Safety Committee

SB 460 – de León, Kevin (D, SD 24) – Net Neutrality: Prohibits internet service providers from blocking, throttling, and prioritizing paid tiers of traffic within California. This bill may be vulnerable to preemption by the FCC
Hearing Date: 6/13/2018, Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee


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